Tender Search

We look for tenders for you on an ongoing basis.

Everyday we compile tender results from all over Europe and match them to what you do.

We then send you the results by email on a daily or weekly basis.

We send them to as many of your team members as you wish at no extra cost.

We specialise in Public sector tenders from a few thousand pounds / euros to millions of pounds / euros.

You will find useful working with us if you want to save time on your research and benefit from a wide coverage of results as well as having access to our staff members who have an extensive knowledge of tender search, research and bidding.

Regarding our charges, we keep things simple: (subscription for 1 year for 1 company – prices in pounds, euros and Canadian dollars below)

0 to 250 employees500600900
Over 250 employees6007001200

We have no other charges for the tender search service, regardless of the number of recipients, the number of countries you search, the number of tenders you receive etc.

To stop your subscription, it is simple as well, just give us 1 month notice before the renewal date of your subscription.

We are here to help you and make your work easier!

Interested in trying the service? we can offer you a 2 weeks free, no commitment, trial, Just fill in your details below:


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